Mind Blasting Movies Similar To Inception:

When Cristopher Nolan’s most awaited movie Inception starring Leonardo Di Caprio was released, it blew everyone who watched the mobile. It took more than 10 years for Nolan to finish just the screenplay of the movie. Inception movie was critically acclaimed by all the critics for the effect it causes to the audience’s head. Everyone felt watching the movie was totally worth the hype. In this article we write about movies similar to inception in the way it tackles the mind. Full free movie download on phone and watch it if you haven’t watched it yet.Image result for mind fuck movies

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            A US military pilot wakes in a train to find himself in someone else’s body. Only thing he remembers is his plane crash in Afghanistan. When he tries to find out what’s going on, Bomb explodes and ends everything. Then he wakes up again in a cockpit injured. The most different ending this movie has. I’d love to explain more, but where is the fun in that. free movie download on phone or computer and watch is asap.

The Matrix Trilogy:

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            This trilogy is the best among the movies released till date. The Matrix revolves around a character Neo, who is a computer hacker living two lives. Morpheus meets neo and offers two pills, one to learn the real truth and other to continue the normal life. When Neo takes the red pill, he understands that the world and life he’s living is intelligently simulated by machines to generate power from humans. Will Neo and the humans win the war over machines, watch the trilogy to know and understand more of the story which has been incredibly made.


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            The movie’s plot revolves around a man named Leonard, who’s wife had been brutally raped and killed. Leonard tattoos each and every memory of his wife and her murder on his body, because of the short-term memory loss problem he has. Christopher Nolan nails the movie again by amazing screenplay. Watch this movie asap to know how Leonard avenges his wife’s death.

The Butterfly Effect:

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            The movie revolves around the concept of Butterfly effect, which is defined like this, the single flapping of wings by a butterfly will change the flow of air currents and the temperature difference happens which leads to a major cyclone on the other side of the world after few months. The relation between the flapping of wings and a cyclone is how butterfly effect works. The movie demonstrates that even if we could go back in time to change certain tings in life, life is not going to become better or perfect, by the end of the day we have to accept that many things are outside of our hands and we can’t control it. This movie is also a trilogy. One can see full free movie download on phone and watch ASAP.

There are many more movies which will bend your mind. We selected the top movies in the list. Watch and enjoy these movies and explore new ideas in life.